What is Rhinojewel?

Rhinojewel for Windows 32 bits is a Professional Jewelry Design Software which lets you create 3D models of jewelry and other luxury items easily, precisely and quickly.

It is suitable for both novice users as well as experienced CAD designers and features the most comprehensive range of jewelry-specific tools to help you through every stage of the design process. Whether you are making a simple pendant or the most technically challenging and spectacular of jewels, Rhinojewel can help you create your vision faster and more efficiently. For a video-preview of just some of the many Rhinojewel tools available please visit our Features pages.

Models created with Rhinojewel can be used to generate outstanding photorealistic renders (see Renders Gallery) and are characterized by absolute accuracy of dimensions, a feature which can be replicated in the real world by means of the best Rapid Prototyping solutions currently available (see 3D Models and Rapid Prototyping Galleries).

The customizable interface of Rhinojewel, its layout, the choice and the logic of its tools are all jeweler-friendly and have been developed by an international team of seasoned jewelry and CAD/CAM experts with a proven track record working and consulting for many of the most high profile jewelry companies in the world.

In developing Rhinojewel we have brought into it over 20 years of experience in goldsmithing, jewelry design, gemology, stone setting, chisel techniques, casting and moulding techniques, 3D applied to jewelry design/manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping. Rhinojewel itself, now in its version 5.5, is the ultimate evolution of Rhinojewel 5.0.13, a Jewelry Design Software which has been a favourite of professional CAD designers since 2008. To learn more about the history of our company please visit our Company Background page.

In tune with the enormous technological advances which are revolutionizing the jewelry industry, Rhinojewel is also constantly evolving and looking to the future. Through our regular free updates we strive to always bring you the latest and the best CAD tools to make the process of creating jewelry a pleasure.