System Requirements


IMPORTANT NOTE: Rhinojewel 5.5 is a software that runs only on Windows 32 bits

Operating systems

NOTE: Rhinojewel is not available for Mac OS X but can easily be used on current Apple computers via BootCamp or Parallels.

Microsoft Windows XP Profesional
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7.

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Which computer should I buy to work with Rhinojewel?
You don't necessarily need a very powerful computer to work with Rhinojewel. The mid-range computer systems currently available are more than sufficient and provide enough processing and graphic card power for a fluid Rhinojewel experience.

More powerful computers come in handy when you are creating jewels pre-set with hundreds of gemstones, which means you will be working with a heavy file comprising thousands of surfaces. To work comfortably in such cases it is better to have more processing power, more RAM and a powerful graphic card. Mid-range computers can also do the job but will become slower and slower the more complex the piece.

Another factor to take into account is how many hours per day you foresee working on your computer. If you intend to use it for many hours every day then you might prefer to invest a little more and buy a faster computer with a larger screen size. The comfort and speed with which you will be able to work will rapidly make up for the extra money spent.
1. I always work from the same place.
If you always work from the same place we recommend a desktop computer. Desktop computers are cheaper and you can connect them to larger screens so you can work faster and more comfortably.
2. I work both from home and from the workshop/office.
If you are an artisan you might wish to work both from home and from your workshop/office. In this case you could choose a laptop computer which you would need to carry with you from one location to the other. In the long run this can be a tiresome task and a viable alternative is to buy two mid-range desktop computers: price and processing power are virtually the same as buying one laptop computer.
3. I work from the workshop/office but also travel often and wish to keep modeling jewelry with Rhinojewel on the go.
In this case we recommend that you work with a desktop computer in the office and a laptop for when you are travelling. Laptops with an approximate screen size of 15" offer the best compromise between power/comfort and weight/portability.
4. I work intensively with Rhinojewel but frequently change my place of work.
In this case we recommend that you work with a top of the range laptop with screen sizes of 17" or 18". They are heavy but very powerful and the larger screen makes them more comfortable to work with than 15" laptops.

Recommended features

Whether you opt for a laptop or a desktop computer, one of the most important features to consider is your screen size. The Rhinojewel interface is at its best when used with panoramic screens where the toolbars and dockable windows can occupy the lateral space of the monitor thus leaving a large and almost square central working area.
If you work with a desktop computer we recommend that you use it with a minimum screen size of 21" or 22" and a resolution of 1650x1050. These kind of screens are relatively cheap and offer a good resolution to work with. If you are going to work a lot on your computer and can spend a little more then we recommend a screen of 24" or 26" with a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. Today's graphic cards also permit to connect two screens to one computer which is a common option for expert users to achieve a larger viewing area and also allows to comfortably work on two programs at the same time. With laptops the choices of screen sizes are less. The most common choice for occasional work on a laptop is a screen size of 15,4". The resolutions available on 15,4" screens are 1280x800 (not ideal for 3D work but usable), 1440x900 (recommended) and 1920x1200 (the highest desktop real estate, though your icons will look somewhat small). If you are going to work on a laptop very often then we recommend one with a 17" screen or even 18". Good resolutions to work with on these screens are 1440x900 or 1920x1200. A valid option in this size range is the HP Pavilion which is towards the high end but has very good components.
To summarize, these are the ideal features for a desktop computer with a good performance/price ratio and a budget of approximately 800/1000 Euros:
Mid-range: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 6Mb BUS 1333
Mid to high end: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 12Mb BUS 1333

4Gb (2 x 2Gb)
You can add up to 8 Gb but will need Windows Vista to use all of them

Hard Disk
500Gb or more
You can also add a second hard disk (internal or external) to make backup copies of your work

Graphic Card
NVidia 9600 GT 512Mb

Monitor TFT between 21" and 22"
Monitor TFT between 24" and 26"

Operating systems
Microsoft Windows XP Profesional
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7.

Rhinojewel is not available for Mac OS X but can easily be used on current Apple computers via BootCamp or Parallels.