Rhino Tools

Rhinojewel is built around Rhinoceros, a 3D Modeling Software known all around the world for its flexibility, precision, ease of use and affordable price.

Rhinojewel adds to Rhinoceros an extensive collection of jewelry-specific tools (divided into four main groups: Metal Tools, Gem Tools, Bonus Modeling Tools) but it also features the complete range of classic Rhino Tools. We recommend that you install the Rhinojewel Interface to find the classic Rhino Tools re-arranged according to how often they are used in the jewelry creation process. In addition, the customizable Koala feature active only in the Rhinojewel Interface allows you to open all Subtoolbars without the need for any clicks, making the modeling process faster and more productive.

The following videos show the power and flexibility of some of the most significant classic Rhino Tools present in Rhinojewel.

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Among the many possible ways of creating a surface there is the option of using "Surface from Network of Curves", a powerful command that allows an excellent degree of flexibility when creating complex organic surfaces. Thanks to the "Record History" options it will be possible to modify the original curves to see how the resulting surface changes almost in real time.




Complex geometries can easily be created using "Deformation" tools. The command "Flow along Surface" allows us to take objects which have been created in their most basic and symmetrical position and deform them as they adapt along any complex surface.




The next video shows how it is possible to easily create complex textures by adapting geometries to a surface. We can also stretch certain areas of the object to enlarge and deform them without deforming the rest of the object.




Another powerful and creative "Deformation" tool is the command "Flow along Curve". It allows us to adapt a straight object and its straight Base Curve along a complex three-dimensional curve of the same length, thus obtaining quick deformations. If we wish to experiment with different results we can simply change the three-dimensional curve and the object will change accordingly.