Look into the future with Rhinojewel

(our logo explained)
Rhinojewel aims to be at the center of your jewelry creation process. The circular light in the Rhinojewel logo represents the halo emanated from the crucible when melting precious metals. Rhinojewel aims to be the crucible where the best technologies for the creation of jewelry merge.

Company History

Rhinojewel has been developed by Techjewel S.L. with the aim of creating a powerful yet easy to use jewelry design software that allows maximum creative freedom to jewelers, goldsmiths, silversmiths and other jewelry design professionals.

Techjewel S.L. was founded by Alex Antich in 2000 with the objective to popularize new technologies applied to the jewelry sector. That same year Techjewel launched TechGems, a jewelry design plugin for Rhinoceros which made it possible to model jewelry with absolute precision and great flexibility. TechGems and Rhinoceros took the international jewelry market by storm with a very low price point which was unthinkable at the time for a CAD solution of such high performance.

Throughout the years TechGems evolved from version 1.0 to version 4.2 and as it moved from a basic plugin into a fully-fledged jewelry design software, its integration with Rhinoceros and its unique advantages for jewelry professionals became more and more apparent. In June 2008, after several years of behind-the-scenes work which involved the development of numerous new tools and the total re-programming of all aspects of the software, TechGems received its most significant evolutionary upgrade to date and gave birth to Rhinojewel 5.0.

The founder of Techjewel, Alex Antich, was born in 1972 into a family of jewelers. His father was a goldsmith with a jewelry store and workshop in the trendy Calle Muntaner in Barcelona. At a very young age Alex started a long apprenticeship as a goldsmith in his father's workshop and after graduating from jewelry school in 1991 he went on to study gemology at the University of Barcelona. During his studies Alex also worked for a number of the leading jewelry workshops in Barcelona, as a goldsmith, mounter, low-relief artist and eventually as a freelance jewelry designer.

In 1994 after completing a Master in Computer Aided Design, Alex founded Or Virtual, an enterprise dedicated to teaching CAD applied to jewelry with the software 3D Studio (which at the time was still running on MS-DOS). Between 1995 and 1997 Or Virtual participated at numerous trade shows and exhibited at Art Futura, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity.

Throughout the nineties Alex was a regular contributor of technical articles for leading trade magazines, familiarizing artisans with the latest CAD-CAM technologies and their application in the design and manufacturing of jewelry. When he started developing a library of gems and jewelry materials for photorealistic renders, Alex learnt about Rhinoceros 1.0 and realized the superiority and enormous potential of this software. The decision was immediately taken to dissolve Or Virtual, which was based on 3D Studio, and establish a new company called Techjewel which would develop jewelry design software based on Rhinoceros as well as provide training and consultancy for the jewelry industry. From its inception Techjewel hired key partners with professional experience in a wide range of fields including CAD, jewelry, academic training, Rapid Prototyping and computer programming.

Despite the power and complete features of Rhinojewel, management at Techjewel decided to keep prices extremely low, almost a tenth of the price of other jewelry CAD solutions of similar specs, and to continue the tradition of a jewelry design software that empowers individual creativity. On August 2010 the latest update of Rhinojewel was released, version 5.0.13, and at present a number of exciting new projects are underway in conjunction with industry partners to bring the best and latest technologies into future updates of Rhinojewel.